I personally boast myself as a strain queen, in other words, a woman who has a decent amount of knowledge and a pretty good taste for fine things. I am very particular with my strains, I have a relationship with all of my strains, and I can remember many of the ways that certain strains were unique from other strains. Although, after a very buzzworthy episode of the Netflix “Explained” series, I had a couple of people proclaim to me that all of the nuances between strains were phony and all in my head. Some individuals were telling me that there was absolutely no such thing as a “pure” indica or “real” sativa, because most strains that are around have been crossed too often, and therefore all strains are just some form of hybrid.

While this statement is true in a way, it is also pretty false, and more so, a misinterpretation of the genetics and science of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis is a botanical genus, with 3 species: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis ruderalis, and Cannabis indica. Hence, at least some “pure” indicas and true sativas must exist, and in fact they do exist. These virginal plants are referred to as “landraces,” and they are usually named for the region of the globe that they naturally grow in. For example, Afghan and Hindu Kush are indica landraces that grow in the mountainous regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan. And, Acapulco Gold is a world-famous sativa landrace that grows indigenously in Mexico. Landraces are the cannabis plants in their natural, untouched forms, and they all have some of their own unique properties.

I personally have a special fascination for sativa landraces because many of these strains boast a high THCV content, which I believe to be my absolute favourite cannabinoid. I hunted down high THCV strains, later discovering that all of the strains I most favoured were made up of only landraces. Strains that I have reviewed thus far with relatively pure genetics are: Green Crack (inbred Skunk #1), Red Congolese, Hash Plant, Cheese, White Widow, Willie Nelson, and this strain here, Power Plant.

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Power Plant is a strain that has been selectively inbred with South African sativa genetics, although she is still strong enough to make you sleepy in really high doses. The high is so clear headed, that I was not expecting a high dose to completely knock me out, but that is exactly what it did. I wrote down one sentence for my review, and then I was uncontrollably asleep in front of my screen. The writing was also slightly nonsensical, and I ended up deleting it upon waking. Initially, I started out my day by taking this strain for an invigorating 10pm walk, I needed some cool air on my skin after sleeping all day as a method of nursing a mimosa and sangria hangover (sugar and bubbles are a recipe for a pretty gnarly hangover). I know that this strain can pack a punch, but I felt some very wonderful effects initially. As I continued puffing, the euphoria and body buzz intensified, but the clear headedness did not turn foggy at all. I still felt sharp and almost sober in a way, the only visual distortions were lights getting brighter and my vision seeming to become even clearer. So, I bravely over-imbibed, all in the name of science, to see what could happen.

I started out feeling very relaxed, but also euphoric, so I had an overall feeling of anxiety-free and pain-free well-being. Everything felt almost magical; I live in a secluded and very nature filled area, and the trees and twinkling lights made me feel as if I were walking inside of a piece of art. The cool air also felt almost orgasmic across my skin, and I was hit with feelings of motivated energy; I felt like I could keep on walking endlessly. Although, this strain can boast a pretty high THC content (my batch tested at 22.14% THC), and accordingly, the feeling of wanting to walk forever was suddenly interrupted by slight paranoid feelings of being attacked in the dark, or of someone potentially watching me strut partially clothed through the streets. So, I enjoyed the caress of cold wind, and the picturesque beauty all around me for a few more moments, and then I headed indoors, planning to start writing right away. Although, in reality, all I ended up doing was satiating some of the munchies, and then drooling for a few hours with all of lights left turned on. I have woken up dazed and confused, and with a headache, therefore, I just feel like I’m hungover all over again. Lessons learned. And now I know not to overindulge too much on this very potent strain, unless I want to be sedated and sleeping.

To tell you about my first time enjoying this strain, we would have to rewind back to yesterday, back to the scene that caused today’s debilitating hangover. Now, if you are a woman, chances are there will be at least one time in your life where you will be graciously bestowed the honor of being some wonderful woman’s bridesmaid in her wedding. And, if you have ever partaken in the tradition, you will know that the role is filled with a few fairly life-imposing responsibilities. Yesterday’s delightful, yet draining imposition was the assembling of the bridal shower, in which I had to whip together a pitcher of cocktails, adorable hors d’oeuvres, and a flawless face, after a late work shift and a solid 2 hours of sleep. Hence, I thought I would pack my purse with some hard-hitting sativa, in case I felt my energy levels dwindle throughout the afternoon.

It turns out some bubbly daytime mimosas can turn into quite the effective energy drink, and casually sipping sugar filled beverages kept me alive for a surprising amount of time. Although, later on I was itching to finally try this strain, and as soon as the group was chiseled down to only close friends/family, two of us ladies stepped aside to indulge. There was immediately a very giddy sense of euphoria, and my girlfriend and I instantly had a million and a half things to talk about. Walking back to the group, I felt alert and awake. I felt like I was fully sobered up from the afternoon alcohol buzz and was transformed into a completely different level of intoxicated. My girlfriend’s inner comedian comes out when she is feeling good, and she instantly had me in stitches from laughter. Neither of us seemed to have had any sense of filter at the time, and we entertained the group by reading aloud from one of the naughty shower gifts, a copy of “The Joy of Sex.” We made every member of the circle comment with their thoughts and experiences on each tidbit of sex advice that we shared, including the bride’s father and husband-to-be. We were truly the life of that party then, well at the very least, we kept ourselves hilariously entertained.

Power Plant Poem

Landraces are the crowning jewels of the cannabis world. They are strains perfected by nature’s hand, and they are also the building blocks that lead to the creation of all of the plentiful and diverse strains that exist now, for consumers all over the world. Power Plant is an inbred landrace that possesses all of the qualities of an exceptionally rare pure sativa. She brings intense sensations of euphoria, energy and motivation, clear-headed focus, talkativeness, and the absence of social anxiety. The high also just feels really happy and fun and uplifting, it brings a moderate increase in appetite, and also, feelings of relaxation and pain-relief.

A holy grain strain is one that stands out among the crowd and brings something very unique to the table. I’m usually quick to pick up very energizing and upbeat sativas, but occasionally there are some that leave me with this sort of phrenetic type energy, which can end up being slightly unsettling, and even anxiety-provoking. Or, there are strains that claim to be sativa-dominant, but they don’t bring me the right kind of focus, or they have me sedated way too early. It is somewhat unique, in my experience, to have an extremely stimulating and energizing sativa strain that can also make me feel relaxed, and one that can still have me easily falling asleep or feeling chilled-out at the right time. I think it is possible that Power Plant is my new holy grail of weed, and easily a favourite that I would love to make a staple in my collection.




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