Originating in the Netherlands close to the mid-90’s, White Widow has been a well-known and world-wide staple ever since. With her sexy, venomous name and shocking resin production, this was a strain that had a great deal of promotion in her day. I recall a time way back, before legalization, and before the proliferation of medical dispensaries, where if you came across someone who had White Widow in their stash, you knew that they were someone with some good connections. There was once a day when coming across a true and real White Widow was a special occurrence, she was one of those strains that you always had to share with a friend. Now, over two decades past her heyday, her popularity remains, and White Widow can be easily found on many dispensary shelves. Upon coming across some White Widow for the first time in countless years, I of course had to purchase. I was very curious to see how this old legend would stack up against some of today’s medical marvels.

Holy. Mother. Nature. I was just going to sample this strain, chill out, and then go to bed, and maybe think about writing up a review later towards the end of the week. But, whoa, no, I need to start right now, this high is like next level. It’s like a punch to the brain and a hug to the heart. There is currently an intense level of euphoria that is almost beyond comparison. There are feelings of being very uplifted, and an excited energy present. For example, if someone asked me right now to go on a 2-hour hike, I’d be like, “yeah, let’s do it,” even though I’ve never actually gone hiking, ever in my life. I’d be up to do almost anything right now if someone asked me, even something like ceramic mug painting. Although, I don’t think I could concentrate on anything too attentively right now. The energy is so intense, there is an overwhelming giddiness, like bubbles in your stomach telling you to go and laugh and dance and have a good time. I’m full of ideas, but finding it hard to concentrate and stay on task, because the thoughts in my brain are rapid and all over the place. I am also noticing that a light body buzz is present alongside the cerebral and stimulating effects. The high has now mellowed out into some extremely relaxing feelings, and I can imagine myself getting couch-locked if I sit for too much longer. Which is not something I want quite yet, because the munchies and dry mouth have already hit me, so I need to be able to grab myself some food and some hydration.

I enjoyed trying out White Widow on my own, although, it is well known for inducing quite talkative and social feelings, so I decided I must take it out with some friends before making a final judgement. I had originally made plans with girlfriends, but when this fell through, I ended up defaulting to a group of people who were more like general acquaintances, and I also happened to be the only one in the group not consuming alcohol. After sharing a joint with a few people, I felt really smiley, mellow, and chilled out, but also very preoccupied with my own thoughts and disengaged from the group. I didn’t feel super comfortable in the situation I was in, and noticed that the effects of this strain can be very context and setting dependent. I felt very reserved and sort of socially awkward; there were moments where I wanted to say words but no sound came out of my mouth. The feelings of anxiety and awkwardness killed my high fairly substantially. I also recall a moment when the brightness of a lamp was making my eyes hurt, and it felt like they were bulging out of their sockets from pressure. My experience this time around was kind of like sex when you’re super tired; you’re not super into it, so you know that you’ve just got to sleep it off and try again the next night (or morning).

Round 3 with White Widow was food and drinks with some good company. I took a bus alone into the township and ended up getting chatty with a friendly and slightly intoxicated stranger during the ride. I felt euphoric, but relaxed, and hyper-aware of my surroundings, but not anxious or nervous. I got lost in some very insightful thoughts waiting for my friend to finish off her waitress shift, and felt extremely happy and entranced when hearing Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” playing in the restaurant. The world seemed sunny and bright even though it was close to midnight, and the conversation flowed even before the alcohol did. Time seemed to pass by very fast, and the effects of the White Widow were fortuitously a nice complement to a few drinks; after two drinks and two joints I could no longer feel my face, in a good way. These effects did start to feel a little addicting, however, and anytime I felt the euphoria subsiding, I wanted to go have another joint. I could not get enough of the well-balanced good feels, and woke up the next day to a nearly empty bag.

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My final review on White Widow is mostly positive, although with a little bit of mixed feelings. White Widow can definitely be identified as more of an “old-school” strain by way of her harsh, lackluster smoke. White Widow essentially cannot hold a candle to some of her sweet-toothed successors, such as GSC or Gelato. This strain is also not usually a safe bet for beginners or for anxiety-prone individuals. I occasionally experienced very restless and unsettled feelings during the end portion of the high that made me quite anxious. Although, despite those few flaws, I really did have some pretty outstanding experiences with this strain. The highlights of the high were the intense sensations of peace, well-being, and compassion; White Widow was extremely euphoric and an awesome psychedelic trip. Although ultimately, I think prefer White Widow crosses like Moby Dick and Megalodon, much more than the Widow by her lonesome.

The black widow spider earned her name from being the malicious source of her own widowhood; she is an infamous sexual cannibal and she will devour her defenseless mate after she’s done stealing his seed. I would say that if the White Widow were a spider, she would be the Black Widow’s angelic twin sister, spinning her mate a candy-coated cocoon, aiming to rock them steadily into a state of comfort woven together with ecstasy.

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