What is Poetry? 

Poetry is a style of writing that takes ordinary words and emphasizes their emotionality, their relation to rhythm, and even their aesthetic qualities. Poetry is a tangible display of passion; poetry is literature, music, and art, all embodied into a single piece of work. Poetry is an entire epic, told in only a few words; it is vivid sights, and sounds, and smells, emitted by only symbols and letters. Poetry is nourishment for the creative soul, and it is one of the most beautiful forms of written word in existence.

What is a Flower? 

A flower is the manifestation of one of the most beautiful forms of nature. The flower is where a plant reproduces, and from the flower, all of the fruits of the world are born. A flower provides sustenance for the diverse beings on Earth, and she often signals her utility by way of attractive sights and smells. A flower is a form of Nature’s poetry.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a dioecious botanical herb that has been used in human history for at least 10,000 years. The female cannabis plant produces compact flowers that have poetic effects on the bodies of most animals. Although, less than 100 years ago, the cannabis use was remorselessly criminalized in the West. The criminal status of cannabis forcefully decoupled the plant from any positive medicinal or spiritual benefits, and hence, stripped the flowering plant of all of its perceived beauty.

What is PoeTree Reviews

Poetree Reviews is a mix of research-based facts and experience-based information about the many facets and functions of cannabis. While under her influence, I write about how the plant moves me, and about all of the diverse ways she integrates into my lifestyle. I write with the goal of inspiring others to take note of what they experience with their own senses and their own judgement. I write to restore some of the hermetical beauty of cannabis flowers.

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