As a chronic binge-watcher, I am a sucker for a well-written TV series and I have remained a nerd-like fan of Breaking Bad for many years. I have re-watched the show a handful of times and it still holds a special place in my heart because I found it extremely entertaining, as well as immaculately written and produced. Even years after the series has concluded, I still find aspects of Vince Gilligan’s masterpiece to be worth talking about. One of my favourite themes explored continually throughout the episodes was that of subjective morality. It really struck a chord with me to watch these characters be compared with one another, in addition to being compared with their former selves, throughout the series. It intrigued me to see how each of the characters justified their actions, created their own sense of integrity and lived by their own set of principles. Although, what was truly supreme was the way that the creators were able to alter the viewer’s perception of what could be morally justifiable. For example, fans devoted to the main protagonist, Walter White, may start out feeling like they are rooting for the most morally conscious character on the screen. Although, as we reach the end of the series, we become aware that we may have sided with one of the most morally questionable of them all. I will admit that I never completely connected to the main character, rather I was a fan of the more comedic characters, such as Saul Goodman and Badger, with a special place in my heart for Jesse Pinkman. However, despite my ambivalence regarding the Heisenberg character, my feelings were absolute when I saw the existence of a cannabis strain titled after Walter White. This was a strain that had to be impactful, simply just based on its namesake, and so, I decided I needed to have it.

One day, feeling as flush as a heyday Heisenberg, I decided to put in an order for some top-shelf cannabis. Feeling inclined towards a little bit of superfluous spending, I purchased a few strains based solely on their stylish names. Walter White is a high THC hybrid with a range of medical applications, although quite honestly, I mostly just wanted it to show off to my friends. In addition to its tenacious title, this strain also has a gorgeous coating of white-as-crystal trichomes and boasts a lovely sweet and citrus aroma, with a pleasing lemon and cream exhale. Based on its appearance alone, this is a strain almost as enviable as the Walter White’s storage locker full of stacks of cash.

My favourite and most memorable experience with the Walter White strain was one where I was spending time with one of my dearest friends, a fellow writer, and fellow Breaking Bad enthusiast. We were out in the morning for some coffee and catching up and then became stumped for ideas on what to do for the rest of the afternoon. So, naturally, I whipped out my bag of tricks and surmised that I had something enticing to spend our time on. She howled excitedly at the name on the jar’s lid, and we figured we would find a dry spot to roll up and then mosey around the mall for a while. It was an awesome plan, as with the aid of Walter White, we were able to turn a somewhat mundane activity into an evening rich with entertainment.

We walked where the wind took us, chattering excitedly underneath falling rain, and then upon searching for higher ground, we ended up at the top floor of The Bay. We came across some escalators and absent-mindedly stepped aboard, mostly preoccupied with a random conversation about celebrities and how we hate when certain moms dress their children up like their accessories. Although the first thing I saw after disembarking from the escalator ride was an almost doll-sized black and white hound’s-tooth coat. I ran over to a rack of children’s clothes, picked the tiny coat off, then turned around and screamed, “you have this coat!” In a fit of raucous laughter, we then decided it was ok to dress babies as mini-Me’s, because, what could really be cuter? We continued our journey through expensive furnishings, comparatively planning out what style our grown-up houses would be decorated in one day. We then progressed to fake shopping for sofas, opening a monologue about each one we sat down on. The salesman on the floor either thought we were complete hooligans, or just extremely committed to finding ourselves the perfect sectional for our shared sleek modern condo and/or lofty bohemian living space. The next few hours were demarcated by feelings of hunger (Funyun cravings), and then a significant drop in vitality. Despite having a very relaxing high, the sativa effects ultimately dominate in this strain. The comedown from Walter White is very mellow and spacy, although it is not likely to make you feel exceptionally heavy or sleepy.

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Breaking Bad’s Walter White was a pitiable aging man who passively let opportunities in life go by him. After his success in the drug business, he takes on a much more sinister and forceful alter ego named after the German physicist Werner Heisenberg. In preliminary view, Mephisto’s Walter White strain seems like a soft, sweet, and white as cream Walter White. Although, it may later reveal itself to have a little punch, and appears to be just as powerful as a plotting Heisenberg. Ultimately, for me, the strain more truly evoked the sense of the more comedic and zany characters, such as Huell and Kuby (Bill Burr). This is because this strain is confident, carefree, and always makes me feel like I am seconds away from laughter, like some perfectly timed comic relief.

At the end of it all, it is hard to say with any certainty whether or not your favourite character truly acted with moral dignity, or to decide which Breaking Bad character this weed truly represents. What is easier to suggest, however, is that Walter White as a cannabis strain is a ton of fun, as well as plenty potent. Essentially, I would be remiss not to recommend the Walter White strain as diligently as I have recommended the Breaking Bad series.


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