Although buying it is currently illegal, little hash once in a while is like a nice indulgent treat; I see it like a box of expensive chocolate that you stash away for special occasions or when company is over. I had a friend say that a hash high, for her, was like a nice happy medium between smoking flower and dabbing concentrate. Personally, I find hash to be much more than that, the creaminess of it between your fingers, the sweet smells and tastes, and the psychedelic mellow body high, makes scoring a good batch of hash into a sensual and spiritual experience for me. This concentrated cannabis product can sometimes be hard to get your hands on (now more than ever during Prohibition 2.0), so my curiousity was definitely piqued when I saw my medical supplier offering a strain called Hash Plant. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this strain, but I was definitely excited for the ride.

Some preliminary research taught me that Hash Plant is known to be a product of some meticulous genetic selection from Sensi Seeds. The Hash Plant originated in Holland in the 80’s, and by and by made its way out West to be crossed with a Northern Lights #1 plant. The buds are usually dark green, tightly packed, and very resinous, reflecting this strain’s predominantly indica genetics. The batch of this plant I received did not give off much odor; stuffing my nose in the bag gave me some mildly woody and piney scents, and after grinding it up I can also get a whiff of earthiness. The resulting smoke is slightly sweet, but also, fairly rough and spicy.

After some time with this strain, I realized that Hash Plant is harsh and not the easiest to smoke, which is unfortunate, because I felt like I had to smoke somewhat large quantities of it to feel any effects. Although, when effects do eventually creep on, they are indeed quite pleasant. I felt really at peace, content, mellow, happy, patient, basically Zen and spaced out, with a nice smile on my face. Also, I felt the body effects did resemble a hash high, slightly, in the way that the sensations sort of start out in your throat and chest, then spread out to a nice relaxed full body sensation. The ‘high’ makes you feel the urge to start grabbing some pillows, lighting some incense, putting on some chilled-out music, or reflecting on thoughts, all while enjoying the feeling of floating on an airy cloud. As to be expected, the initial high is followed by munchies and then couch-lock and sleepiness.

Hash Plant Flower

Hash Plant is also a prized gem as a medical strain, since she is able to tackle a wide range of ailments. One of the most prominent uses is for this strain is insomnia; feelings of nervousness and anxiety will melt away and you will be able to have a very deep and restful sleep, waking up perfectly fresh with no residual grogginess. It can tackle stress and negative feelings by putting you in a blissful and carefree state, and muscle tension similarly disappears. Chronic and acute pains can also be remedied, as well as headaches and migraines. Hash Plant is also a good choice for relief from gastrointestinal disorders and for sufferers of Crohn’s Disease. Obviously, she is a great strain for all around nausea and general appetite loss, as well. And, although she left me personally dazed and spaced, this strain is also recommended for symptoms of Attention Deficit disorders.

In many ways Hash Plant is a cherished strain, her genetics have been used ubiquitously by Sensi Seeds as a building block for many hybrid strains, and medical users also praise this plant. Although, for me personally, she didn’t completely blow me away; possibly because the batch I picked up wasn’t prime, or maybe the effects just weren’t what I was looking for. The biggest negative for me was that I could not get the dosing quite right, the first time I tried Hash Plant I took too small of a dosage, barely felt any effects, and then felt them fade away, and I stayed awake instead of passing out. In higher doses, my eyes felt like they were all a blur, and then I was couch locked and couldn’t keep them open long enough to savour my mellow mood.

Overall, Hash Plant was a generally a very lovely experience with minimal side effects. This strain seems like a prime choice for medical users and more novice users alike, however, she didn’t really get me where I wanted to go, and so, Hash Plant will not be a repeat purchase for me.

Originally written: 2017-07-04

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