HIGH THC: 14-24%

LOW CBD: 0-2%

Potency: Above average

Licensed Producer: Broken Coast

Genetics: GSC x Cherry Pie x KarmaRado OG x Biker Kush

Appearance: Dense buds, bright green, red pistils, thick coat of trichomes

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Terpineol, Myrcene

Scent: Spice, Citrus

Flavour: Earthy, Fruity, Spicy

Initial Effects:

  • Uplifted
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Creative

Later Effects:

  • Sedation
  • Increased Appetite
  • Sleepiness

Side Effects:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Dry Eyes
  • Anxiety/Paranoia
  • Dizziness
  • Headache

Therapeutic Uses:

  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Sleep Difficulties
  • Appetite Loss

Broken Coast is a Vancouver Island licensed producer (LP) boasting high-quality, craft-grown cannabis. Broken Coast first began establishing their reputation in 2013, as medical cannabis producers who grew exclusively for registered medical patients. The company has since become licensed by Health Canada to cultivate cannabis for the legal adult-use market. Accordingly, Broken Coast has now expanded into some larger accommodations, however, they have aimed to maintain a craft cannabis standard with all of their current offerings. Broken Coast grows in indoor facilities and in small batches, with designated growing rooms tailored for individual strains. This LP also hand trims, slow cures, and independently tests their flowers, in order to produce a consistently top grade final product.

The Broken Coast Quadra dried flower is advertised as resembling the cultivar “Headstash.” Coming in at a price-tag of around $14.30 per gram, these flowers are considered to be at the moderate upper-end of the current legal-cannabis price spectrum. The scent is familiar of a funky kush, but is livened up by hints of citrus peel. The terpene profile lends some pain-relieving, stimulating, mood improving, and sedating qualities to this frosty, high-THC bud. The smoke on this dank flower tastes earthy, fruity, and spicy.

I bought Quadra as a bed-time indica-dominant strain. I was nudged into the purchase by the budtender, who claimed that this cultivar was one of his absolute favourites on the menu. Upon first leaving the store I felt a little bit of sticker shock at my purchase, and had tinge of regret from what seemed like overspending. However, I regretted my choices less after popping open the seal on my container and being greeted by some sparkling, smelly, and fresh cannabis. My first instinct was to roll this sticky flower into a fat joint. However, I learned quickly that a little bit goes a long way with this bud, and so, she is probably most efficiently used in a bowl or a vape. In fact, it took such small amounts of the Quadra flower to put me to sleep that it made up for the slightly higher cost of the product, for me.

Overall, I very much enjoyed my purchase of Quadra dried flower by Broken Coast. The high cost of this flower will probably deter me from ever buying this specific strain ever again. However, based on the premium quality of product that I received, I would not hesitate to once again purchase from Broken Coast, in order to sample some more of their menu. Because of their well-cultivated flowers and well-known reputation, I believe that Broken Coast is growing some of the finest flowers on the adult-use market.

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