Having anxiety is like having your life punctuated by moments where you either feel like you are about to die a painful twisted death, or that the world will end suddenly in a cruel and devastating fashion. When depression manifests alongside anxiety, it makes you feel pathetic for entertaining such inordinate thoughts, but then hopeless in terms of doing anything about them. When you are at your worst moments, depression and anxiety are a formidable duo, working together to drag you deep inside a cycle of despair. Henceforth, it is paramount that overwhelming instances of misery receive relatively powerful doses of medicine.

There is a strain in existence that has been turning people’s frowns upside down for many years on the black market. This strain has also proven itself effective enough to hold a highly favoured rating among today’s medical strains. She has such a strong reputation that if she were a real-life woman, she would be the type that looks good just wearing a ponytail and a baggy t-shirt. She would be a girl who could beat most men in a beer chugging contest, and probably in an arm wrestle as well. She is an alpha female with some legendary history, and if you are down with her crew, Sour Diesel will know how to take care of you.

If you come to one day meet a really good batch of Sour Diesel, you will see this is not some particularly sexy or inviting herb. Beginning with feasting your eyes on this famous strain, you will not be dazzled by a shimmering coat of obvious trichomes, but more so just some dense and average looking buds. She is definitely not the type of girl who is either coy or submissive, and this becomes evident when you take a whiff of her pungent and offbeat odor. She unabashedly fills the room with the aroma of diesel fuel, some notes of dirt and skunk, and a sweet and funky scent that is best likened to the smell of some milk products that are very close to taking a turn for the worst. After lighting up and taking a taste you will see that although this girl is a little rough around the edges, she is hiding something complex and sweet. Although the smoke can be quite harsh, the flavour is somewhat pleasant, tasting of diesel and candied lemon. After finally breaking down the walls of this girl and getting to know her through a few exhales of smoke, you will see that underneath this tough exterior is a whole bunch of goodness that you maybe didn’t anticipate. In the right conditions, Sour Diesel starts off with an increase in physical and mental stamina, like a shot of caffeine that just hit you in all the right places. This effect progresses into sensations of pure happiness that had me really feeling good about myself and filled me with a sense of confidence. The high puts me in a place to entertain myself with my own thoughts, or to be completely socially engaged. Overall, I would say this strain can be used day or evening, although her merits are mostly wasted if she is not put to use for physically exerting tasks, as she is an exemplar in terms of productivity strains. Sour Diesel is a hardy yet still emotionally supportive friend, and ultimately, through her vitality and valor you will start to feel your own spirit lift up as well.

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When it comes to diminishing feelings of stress or depression, or to creating feelings of motivation and energy, Sour Diesel can become an incredibly dependable consort. With a relaxed mind she instills feelings of self-reliance that can make you feel ready to take on anything that comes your way. However, one caveat to this girl’s company becomes alarmingly apparent if you ever do cross her; when it comes to the complex realm of anxiety, her effects may be volatile and even unpredictable. Sour Diesel can allow you to walk into the room with the bravado of a Saudi prince, but in the wrong contexts, or for any individual that has a hard time dealing with cannabis-induced anxiety, it can also have you huddled in the corner fighting a surge of paranoia. Ultimately, without having a tolerance built to this cultivar, or without having much experience with sativas, using Sour Diesel to medicate for anxiety can be a bit of a crap shoot and she might not be a go-to strain for creating feelings of ease. Sour Diesel is a tough and scrappy girl; it is rightful to occasionally fear a powerful woman, although, if you are an enthusiast, it may be regrettable to never once give this strain a try.


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