2018 is here. As Canada crawls towards legalization, the conversation about pot culture climbs towards a peak, and consequently, our society’s curiosity towards cannabis is also beginning to pique. Recently, a friend of mine was approached innocently by a concerned parent of teens (and canna-virgin) with some questions. This parent put my buddy on the spot, and she was asking her to describe what the experience of smoking weed was like. Alright, I will admit that this encounter was actually slightly less than casual, as, a couple of us had been busted smoking a large L in the store parking-lot after work hours, and this parent was actually our manager. Although, her interest in weed was genuine, and so, my girl friend just ashamedly tried to mutter out some helpful answers.

I find the whole experience of being high to be so dependent on the strain, dosage, and method, that I find it relatively hard to give straightforward answers to doobie newbies. If I was able to describe the general experience in length and metaphor, I would say: a normal state is looking towards a standard TV, some people’s views are nicer than others, although it is mostly low-fi and averagely stimulating. But, after cannabis, life is vivid and high definition, it is 3D without the glasses, and scored with surround sound. With cannabis, you can stop staring mindlessly at a moving screen, and become immersed inside of the experience of life. Finally, if I were to brainstorm specific strains that do a fine job of encapsulating this metaphor, one comes to mind immediately, since she is as classic as they come. She will hold you up and keep you together, as she is both a backbone and a staple. She is the illustrious, OG Kush.

I believe that if you are any kind of enthusiast for cannabis, and you have been blazing for a long time, then OG Kush is one of those strains that is basically accounts for a portion of your genetic makeup. OG Kush has all of those classic aspects that come to mind when you think of stoners and getting high. In most cases OG Kush will present as a well-balanced hybrid, some phenotypes will occur as more sativa or more indica leaning, although I find it truer to refer to this strain simply as a hybrid. The high starts out quite cerebrally uplifting, stimulating positive and novel thoughts, while giving the immediate presence of intense relaxation. For me, this translates into a state of feeling energized and talkative, although, with a calm and mellowed demeanor. Riding the OG Kush high is an extremely sensory experience, the sound of my own voice vibrates delicately, colours I feel sure I have never seen before emerge towards my eyes, and the world puts on a show in an effort to delight me to the core. I sway to the rhythm of music that isn’t playing. I am still focused and present in this world, albeit with a propensity to lose focus and escape to a universe of my own private thoughts. I aim to stay immersed in the happy feelings, although this can distract me from small, but important, details in my surroundings. For example, OG Kush initially had me trying to boil water with the stove turned off, and, my final cooking efforts resulted in some minor burnt flesh. It is possible that I burnt myself because I had felt a sense of over-eagerness at the sight of my prepared food, as drifting towards this come-down is guaranteed to leave you hungry. Ultimately, no matter when you choose to use it, what you choose to do, or who you choose to do it with, OG Kush has a way to make your surroundings and your inner being into a much better place than they were before.

I would describe a “classic high” as something that makes you happy and chilled out, maybe a little spacey and detached, insatiably hungry, and mellow with an element of lackadaisical. OG Kush is that strain that has me brainstorming ways that we can all overthrow the government and “just live happy, man,” but then forgetting the whole manifesto at the mention of curly fries. A classic strain of weed is one that you want to use no matter what the occasion; it is evident that OG Kush’s ability to embody crucial aspects of what a user wants from medical and recreational marijuana accounts for this strain’s overwhelming popularity. Sexy and iconic like stiletto heels, as well as timeless, like Converse Chuck’s, OG Kush is certain to add flare to your world, and style to your step.


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