I have been told numerous times throughout my smoking years that I don’t “look” or “seem” like I would be a someone who enjoys consuming copious amounts of weed on a daily basis. Apparently if you blaze on the regular, you’re supposed to be spaced out all the time, and look either like a failed hip-hop artist or have unwashed hair and unicycle to your job selling handmade jewelry. The fact that I don’t fit the “stoner stereotype” can become apparent when coming across budtenders who ask me elementary questions, such as whether I know the difference between an indica and a sativa, while I browse their stock. Although, I mostly find this assumption of my ignorance to be innocuous and comical, as I prefer to be fairly low-key about my habits regardless.

I got a sense that I was being slightly patronized when I asked for an eighth of Liberty Haze. I can still recall the look on my budtender’s face when I asked her to take this knock-out of a hybrid off of the shelf for me; the girl gave me somewhat of a concerned eyebrow raise, which voiced an “if you say so honey,” sentiment. It was evident that I did not seem up to snuff to partake in strains meant for more experienced users, although I knew her perception to be incorrect. She had sized me up and deemed Liberty Haze to be far too formidable for my tastes. But I always like to remind people: no one ever bets on the dark horse.

The unification of two powerhouse strains is responsible for the punchy Cannabis Cup winner known as Liberty Haze. Her buds are thick and weighty, and the smell from the bag signals that this is strain may be heavy on the lungs as well. Harsh tones of earthiness and woodiness are apparent, as well as a whiff of some lingering chemical notes inherited from the Chemdawg genetics. Although, by some strange consequence, the exhale from this smoke is pleasantly complex; there is a distinctive and enjoyable citrus/lime presence that is immediately detectable, as well as an aftertaste that reminds me of burning firewood.

While savouring the unique synthesis of tastes from the smoke, I will start to feel a tingling or a comforting numbness, and the initial good feels will keep me mellow for a short minute. Until, quite suddenly, the cerebral aspects of the high come forth, with a sensation that makes me feel as if I am simply bursting with excited energy. Liberty Haze starts off with a heart-racing, punch-drunk, disorienting, psychoactive trip that frees your inhibitions and has you engaged with the present moment. Soon, however, the intense euphoria starts to mellow out, and I will feel lighthearted, uplifted, and detached from anything negative. The cerebral aspects of the high are quite immersive, and hours may pass by outside of perception. However, as time passes, my energy levels promptly diminish, and so, my demeanor will become more introverted. While in the coming down phase of the high, I prefer to be silently enjoying my own thoughts and remain still, to relish in the body buzz. It has now been about two hours since I first smoked and now: I am too couch-locked to get up for water, and too chilled out to care that my mouth is drier than a post-menopausal vagina. I am starting to get close to comatose, and had I any moisture left, I might just be left drooling.

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Liberty Haze is equipped with a staggering cerebral jolt that brings your mind to another level, as well as pleasing physical sensations that have you feeling totally unencumbered by your body. This strain can be used during alone time to get you energized for physical tasks, to stimulate your mind to spark some novel or creative ideas, or help you get over depressed thoughts. Although, she is possibly the most fun when you are able to share with others for an exciting night out. It is clear why Liberty Haze is a Cannabis Cup winner, as, this strain possesses all of the qualities of a perfect hybrid, reveals some delicious flavours, and was also bred to flower quite speedily. Liberty Haze is a signal of hope when times are hard, and when the times are good, she will help you reach towards new highs.


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