If you follow me on social media or if you have read through other entries on my blog, you would know that within my reviews I always try to share some little facts or specifics about myself and my life. Today, I want to divulge some details that probably anyone who has spent some time with me has been able to pick up on. The first confession I have is that I am an obsessive television series binge-watcher, and I can get immersed into my favourite TV plots for hours on end. Additionally, I have a second confession that can make that first one seem kind of funny. One pretty weird thing about me is that I generally can NOT watch movies; I either forget what I just watched, or I fall fast asleep at some point after the plot climax. Furthermore, the movies that are the most likely to make me completely conk out are actually action movies; and the time you’ll most often catch me snoring, is during a long and dramatic fight scene.

So, since I am such a failure at watching any kind of action-packed cinema, you might be able to realize the point that I am attempting to get at here. I know that the fan-dom for this genre of film is extremely massive, so I am trying to be as polite as possible when I say: I don’t like watching Marvel or very many superhero-themed movies. So, you may ask, why then I have I chosen to write such a long blog entry about a strain named after a Marvel comic hero?

The answer to this question lies in a secret that not many people know about me. One more confession I have today, is that I have a deep admiration for comic book writing. I’m not a super-nerd or a collector of any kind of comics, but there is something about this format of graphic writing that really tickles me. As a kid, I would usually read Archie, Garfield, and Calvin and Hobbes, I loved comics with humor, but I also adored heros like Spiderman and Batman. Finally, awesomely enough, some of the first writing that I was ever inspired to do as a young person was in this very short and sweet comic strip style.

The story of Dr. Bruce Banner and The Hulk is a very nostalgic one for some people. I especially think that The Hulk has an incredibly strong sentimentality among Gen X’ers (like my mom) who may have grown up watching The Incredible Hulk come to life in a TV series. Personally, The Hulk does not tug at my heart in any sort of wistful sense. However, I do have a deep attraction to any characters that go through transformations, and any characters that emphasize this strong element of personal duality. Due to this fascination, I was the only 11 year old I knew with a cherished copy of the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, but, I digress.

The telling of Bruce Banner’s journey is slightly altered between the comic, the series, and the films, although it follows the same general idea each time. The narrative starts off introducing a meek, mild-mannered, introverted, and intellectual scientist by the name of Dr. Banner. Banner goes about with all the best intentions, but somehow, the quiet scientist gets exposed to gamma radiation. However, rather than being hurt by the harmful rays, he is transformed into the Hulk. The Hulk becomes the dim-witted and physically domineering alter-ego of Banner, unleashing himself only in the wake of intense rage. Once provoked, this giant monster is stronger than any other natural being on Earth, and becomes equipped with impenetrable skin, a giant lung capacity (for swimming), and the ability to survive in space.

Bruce Banner, the cannabis strain, exists in a handful of phenotypes. Put simply, phenotypes are the differing physical expressions of the same genetics. However, based on my experiences so far with this strain, the Bruce Banner #3 pheno is the only one that I truly find worth mentioning. Bruce Banner #3 has a reputation of reaching astounding THC levels, she boasted a THC content of 30% in the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup, which made her the most potent cannabis strain ever tested at the time.

Despite her intimidating stature, the physical characteristics of this cultivar lean more soft and gentle. Visually speaking, both of the Bruce Banner phenos that I have photographed are fairly stunning. The buds on my BB#3, however, are much rounder, feature darker tones of green, and have a much more generous covering of frosty white trichomes, than the original Bruce. A whiff of the flower gives of odors of spice, fruit, dirt, and diesel. The flavours of this strain match the aromas well, as, she tastes surprisingly strawberry sweet, although with a nice mix of earthiness and a pungent hearty kick.

The physical effects of this hybrid strain also carry a duality that is extremely fitting of its namesake. I consider the majority of the Bruce Banner high to be sativa-dominant. That is, like our thoughtful scientist, the effects are very largely cerebral and mentally stimulating. After smoking this strain I immediately feel very engaged into my own headspace and tuned only into my own personal ideas and motivations. Consequently, I would use BB#3 for either: ruminating intensely on creative concepts or something that requires goal-oriented movement, like cleaning or exercise. This strain additionally comes with an encompassing euphoria, and also a heart-racing type energy, which indicates that it may cause unpleasant sensations in inexperienced users. Finally, as time wears on, the hidden monster-like effects may then show themselves. High doses of Bruce #3, may eventually make the user feel very heavy, as if they do indeed weigh as much as the 1000-pound man. And, although you may not feel any Hulk-like anger, the hefty effects may reduce one down to uttering only unintelligible two-word phrases like: “Hulk hungry!” and “food smash?” Consequently, this strain may put even those of us with the biggest lungs, out to sleep.

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The character of The Hulk is mostly known for simply just being big, green, and strong. However, underneath the monster is a deeply complex man full of passion, tenderness, and intelligence. Similarly, Bruce Banner #3 is mostly famous for being really potent and powerful. However, once you get up close, you are greeted by sweetness, cerebral engagement, and the motivation to get things done. There are debates over whether Dr. Banner was ever an M.D. in the comic books, before becoming a nuclear scientist. Even if he was never really a medical doctor, Bruce Banner still has some great therapeutic effects for both mental and physical disorders. Additionally, This hybrid can be suited for either day or evening use, although I usually find the high to be a lot more energizing, than relaxing. Personally, I like to use this strain more in the mid-day, and in smaller doses, in order to avoid a big Hulk crash.




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