It has been over a month since I have produced any work at all, and I feel as if I have been spending all of this lost time searching for the cause of my proverbial rut. I have blamed the change in weather for my depressed mood, tried to convince myself that I am out of ideas and can’t do this anymore, and attributed a loss of creative spark to 6 tormenting months without physical intimacy. All of these compounding factors then allowed me to convince myself that anything I produce from here on out will just be pedestrian garbage. Finally, after a month brooding and feeling sorry for myself for no reason at all, I have found the strength to push past my forlorn excuses and just put something in print.

So, although I haven’t been writing much, I have still been collecting more strains, this has in turn, caused other strains that were purchased months ago to be left neglected and lonely. Sage N Sour is one strain that I have ruefully rebuffed, for quite some time, and so, I am very happy to finally be giving this girl her time in the sun.

I have decided to take a brief hiatus from my job as sort of a mental health holiday, wherein I may attempt to pull a few of the crumbling aspects of my life back together. Most of this first day-off was spent in a long indica-induced sleep, and now, as night has fallen, I wake-and-bake, and then go out to shop for some breakfast. Sage N Sour energizes me out of my groggy overslept state; it has my brain alert and my face tingling, like a strong cup of coffee might, if my dilapidated stomach lining would ever allow me to enjoy in such over-acidic pleasures. Although, this strain does more than any mere cup of coffee could, and also supplies all-encompassing feelings of euphoria and well-being. My inner monologue runs strong as I navigate my way through the almost-closed store, and I also feel extremely happy, friendly, and talkative. The clock ticks, and the pressure is intensified, as a fuzzy speaker begins to usher people towards the check-out, and I know I have to make some quick decisions on what to eat. Normally, these deliberations are some of the most-anxiety filled for me and I spend obscene amounts of time deciding between seemingly simple things. Although, tonight I felt no sense of panic or self-doubt as I glided through the aisles and pulled items from shelves. In fact, I made it to the check-out before the last customer, a girl hopelessly asking for help looking for garbage bags while standing mere feet from the sign marked “garbage bags.” I laughed to myself wondering which one of us was truly “high,” paid for my items, made a quick witty joke to the cashier on the way out, and then kept smiling the whole way home. Every experience that I have had with Sage N Sour has, in essence, been like that feeling you get when you’re getting into your car and the perfect song to match your mood just happens to be the first thing playing on the radio.

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Sage is an ancient herb that is burned in order to heal and purify. The herbal taste in the strain Sage N Sour is delightfully apparent, and so are sage’s cleansing and healing properties. The smoke from this flower erases negative moods and makes everything seem great. For at least an hour and half after partaking, its feels as if your whole outlook on life has been transformed into something rose-coloured, or shall I say sage-coloured? The strain has a lot of the feel-good properties of her Sour Diesel parent, although the indica genetics lent from SAGE allow for a more relaxing, and less racy, high. This strain is mostly sativa-leaning and productivity is definitely possible after using, although, larger doses will tend towards feelings of laziness or couch-lock later on. Sage N Sour seems perfectly tailored to combat stress and, especially, depression, and the high is also accented by very lively social feelings. Sour and Sage is an all-around perfect strain to accompany you anytime you feel the need to cleanse your tired soul.


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