My partner and I have spent a bit of time dating long distance. During our times apart we would often be texting, and once in a while we would go back and forth, making up half-serious plans for our future. He asked me once whether I would consider moving to a place like Hawaii to settle down one day. I enthusiastically responded, “Of course! As long as they have good weed there (winky smile emoji).” So, he promptly searched Google, and then hit me back up with a link to a strain review for the famous Hawaiian strain, Maui Wowie.

The idea of living in Hawaii one day did not need much selling in the first place, but, after reading more about the strain Maui Wowie, I was basically already packing my bags. I mean, of course I had heard of the famous Maui Wowie before, although, I had no clue of the legendary history that also came with this strain. It turns out that Maui Wowie is actually famous for a lot more than just her fun to say name. Fortunately, I didn’t have to move all the way to Hawaii before experiencing this tropical beauty. Not long after our conversation, I came across Maui Wowie on an island much farther North, at a medical dispensary in scenic Victoria, B.C.

The delightful tropical pineapple aroma of this strain was enticing enough to make Maui Wowie the first strain we sampled after leaving the dispensary, and up until now this was a strain that I had enjoyed solely within the company of others. Surrounded by people is the definitely the best possible way to appreciate this strain, since the initial effects include feeling very uplifted, but also really laid back and sociable. The “Wowie” part initially felt like convenient false advertising, since she doesn’t hit quite as hard as many of today’s medical strains, and hence, is usually considered mid-grade medication. Although, in her heyday in the 60s, a THC content in the mid-teens was indeed quite staggering, and Maui Wowie happens to be one of the first ever strains to feature a “high THC content.”

I would say that island vibes are at the very essence of this strain; the user becomes full of motivated and creative energy, but, remains so chilled and mellow that they are not in a rush for anything at all. I love this strain for slower days at work, because it leaves me happy, clear-headed, non-averse to the presence of most people, and it also plasters this unfading smile onto my face. Although, sometimes waiting on tables can be a bit too hectic for Maui Wowie. I personally have found that fast-paced environments can sometimes become a sensory overload while using this cerebral strain, and relaxing situations are more favourable with Maui Wowie. I remember once hiding out behind the closed bar at work, wishing I were serving people drinks inside coconuts on a beach somewhere, maybe with a grass skirt and seashell bikini, rather than some loud drunks at an all-night diner. As you reach the comedown, about an hour and a half later, the feel-good feelings noticeably wear down, and I can feel irritable and headachy if I am not able to smoke again soon.

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Maui Wowie has a lot of elements of a classic sativa, although the strain is also quite unique in the level of mellowness that she is also able to create. It can be nice at times to feel energized enough to get things done, but not be flying so high that you are Swiffering the dust off your front steps, or arranging the items in your pantry in alphabetical order. The initial effects are quite euphoric and can make even the grumpiest grump feel like a walking hug. Although, later on I was usually feeling quite dull and spaced out. A nice, chill strain suitable for almost all occasions, but ultimately, Maui Wowie did not turn out to completely wow me.



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