At the time that I saw this strain available at the dispensary, I only purchased a gram of it. I am not usually a big fan of Blueberry genetics for daytime use, but the title intrigued me and I knew that I would have to have at least a little taste. So, I have been hoarding my nug like a rare gem and waiting for the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Blue Champagne sounds like a strain coated in rarity and luxury; it is known to be a sativa-dominant hybrid, and has all the appeal in the world to a glamorous wake and bake diva, such as myself. I am building up some anticipation right now, by writing this intro, then, in about an hour, I will be able to finally head outdoors to indulge in some champagne flowers.

The effects of Blue Champagne start out as an exciting burst of energy that is tons of fun, and may make the user seem noticeably intoxicated. Blue Champagne, much like regular champagne, hits you in the head pretty quick, and then has you on top of the world, bubbly, and sociable. Much like a person overindulging on champagne, overindulging on this potent strain had me scattered and unable to keep track of myself or my thoughts. It might also have the user giggling and talking some rambling nonsense, while floating on a cloud of euphoria. Soon enough, however, despite the fact that my heart still racing quite a bit, the effects have transformed towards a state of Zen and contentment. Although more relaxed, I still feel like I have an overwhelming amount of energy, and it has taken me a good hour since first smoking to make my mind stop racing enough to write down complex and coherent thoughts. Before now, all that I had the ability to do was write short quick bullets, like the ones in this strain’s quick review, and then satisfy some of my raging munchies. With a belly full of tacos and the passage of more time, I am finally focused enough to reflect critically on the cannabis that I just experienced.

Ultimately, I think with my first time using this strain that I may have overdone it with the dosage. Usually the same thing happens those rare times I am drinking champagne; I will overindulge on the innocuous seeming bubbles, and in not so much, time realize they actually make my head hurt and belly gurgle. I still have a little bit of flower left and I’m hoping that using a lower dose next time will leave me less dreamy and detached. This particular high brought me way too far up, and then way too far down, and rollercoasters make me dizzy.

Round two, déjà-vu. I am in basically same setting, at almost the same time, just with a lower dosage of Blue Champagne. I can say for certain that this time around has, so far, been a much more enjoyable experience for me. The effects started as huge grin on my face, euphoria, and increased energy and sociability. I am minimally distracted, but my thoughts are still a bit disorganized, and I still feel more distractible than I would be from most sativas, especially by my surroundings and my Facebook messages. However, I did not need as much time to regain my focus and I feel significantly more clear-headed, this time around. Although, it has now been about an hour since I smoked and I can once again feel myself coming down pretty hard. I am spacing out and have reached the point where I can no longer focus on anything other than the idea of eating food. I want to end this paragraph off eloquently, but I literally can’t right now, so I’ll just see you at the conclusion.

From my personal perspective, Blue Champagne is essentially a girl that loves to have a good time, and you have a ton of fun every time she’s in town, but sometimes you are relieved that she doesn’t actually make into town all that often. If you are someone who is a big fan of the Blue Dream strain, this girl is potentially your crazy best friend that you party with every weekend. For myself, Blue Dream is not a strain that holds too special a place in my heart. I am already someone that always has her head in the clouds and lives in day dream mode, so I don’t particularly gravitate towards highs that make me more spacey and verbally incoherent than I already am naturally. Although, I know most people are in love with their sativa-dominant Blueberry cultivar, as it is the most popular medical strain of the times. So, if you do happen see Blue Dream’s lavish champagne-drenched cousin around, make sure you pick her up, and come and join me up in the clouds.

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