I tried to start writing about this particular strain the previous night, however the only work I left for myself yesterday was an empty Word document with the date typed out at the top. I usually do the lion’s share of my reviews while under the influence of the strain that I am writing about, but I am starting to notice that for certain strains, this method is not always viable. This is notably because, there are some strains out there that make me feel as if I have lost the ability to move my limbs and don’t allow me to use my brain to best of its abilities.

Even following a refreshing nap, partaking in Purple Candy Kush did not leave me feeling cognitively optimal. Although, this could also very much be expected, as all the characteristics of this strain give signs that she is a heavy hitter. The most reliable sources say that Purple Candy is born and bred in British Columbia (just like me!) and that she is a cross of two indica-dominant hybrids, BC Sweet Tooth and a California strain known as Mendocino Purps. She is also supposed to be very sticky and very sweet to the nose and palate. The batch of this indica, that I happened to take home had really compact buds, a sage green shade, with a very earthy smell, mixed in with a potential tinge of grape or berry.

When I first tasted the strain, the smoke was thick and smooth, and earthy with only a slight flavour of berry. When I vaped Purple Candy, however, I noticed a hint of some sweet menthol. Feeling confused about the fact that the flavours and aromas reported about my medical strain did not match my actual experiences, I started to do some subsequent research on PCK. I came across some alternative sources saying that this strain is actually a cross of Purple Wreck and OG Kush plants, with their subsequent offspring then bred with Godzilla Grape. A Purple Candy Kush with this lineage should have flavours of tropical fruit and lemon. My batch surely did not match this description, but I also was not overwhelmed by the taste of grape candy either; the PCK in my possession felt like it had strong earthy and spicy tones, more like some classic Kush. All of this inconsistency left me feeling generally disappointed with my purchase so far.

Purple Candy Kush

Although I could find no consensus with regards to the flavour palate of PCK I can definitely agree with the effects felt while on this strain. The Purple Candy high starts out very uplifting, with an intense good mood, accompanied by some possible giggles or euphoria, and you can also get lost in your thoughts as your mind starts to wander away. The uplifting effects are fairly strong, but they do not last long; you have maybe 30 minutes to an hour to enjoy the uplifting portion of the high, until it slowly settles in to some major laziness. I ended up staring at my blank screen for close to 20 minutes, without having the motivation to even type out a few words, I just wanted to space out and only do laid-back activities, not make any productive efforts in the least. She has a pretty heavy high, any mild pain melts away, and you can probably expect some intense munchies. After that, you should get comfy, because you will probably be stuck on the couch. I felt so disconnected from my body that I felt like major movement was not even possible. Then, when I lost the will to even hold my head up, I entered a very deep sleep. Do not even attempt to try to wake up early after indulging in Purple Candy, I tried to take just a nap, and ended up snoozing my alarm to sleep about 4 more hours. It’s like the lazy aspects of the high stay with you until you wake up, because even though I was extremely rested, I still did not feel like getting up out of bed for a while.

I usually only use characteristic indica strains at the ends of long days as a sleep aid. For those days where I am feeling like an insomniac, this is a great strain to quickly drain my battery and knock me on my butt. Although, overall, I did not find this strain all that outstanding. Even though the uplifting parts of the high are nice and the strain quickly diminishes all feelings of anxiety, the effects ultimately transform way too quickly into a flat-out sloth-like laziness. I just really do not enjoy strains that make me feel like I have rocks tying down all my limbs, it almost just makes me feel helpless and trapped in my own body. I enjoyed most of the journey with this strain, however, Purple Candy Kush probably will not end up back in my collection anytime soon.


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