I started my personal CBD discovery journey looking for products that would allow me to feel some of the highs associated with THC, while still focusing on effectively medicating my symptoms, in other words CBD-rich products. I learned only later, however, that I hadn’t really done enough research to really buy a product exactly suited to my own needs. I had heard buzz in the medical community about cannabis isolate cartridges and decided I would try a vape tank loaded with concentrate as my first dab into cartridge vaping.

I purchased a product from my medical supplier labelled as the Farmacy “Liquid Gold 0.5mL THC Distillate Tank + ACDC Terpenes + 250mg CBD Isolate.” This is a concentrated cannabis product meant for medical users with a high THC tolerance, and differs from the diluted products that are more commercially available. “Liquid Gold” is known as the purest and most concentrated THC product in existence. The THC is obtained by a procedure known as distillation, which basically entails evaporating the THC molecules from a heap of raw plant and decarboxylating them so they are ready to smoke or vape. This is referred to as a solvent-less extraction because no solvents like butane are used or left behind, which then produces the purest form of extract possible. Distillation of cannabis will give a product with 99% pure THC, whereas, processes that use solvents to extract THC range from being about 60-90% pure. After the Liquid Gold THC is extracted, terpenes from the CBD-rich strain ACDC, as well as pure CBD isolate, are added back into the oil. This finished product is then loaded into cartridges that can be screwed onto a 510 thread vape battery, and then this battery will heat up the product in order to transform the oil into vapor.

ACDC Distillate Tank & Vape Battery with a tank attached


Using pre-filled vape tanks is by far the easiest method I have come across to get cannabis into my bloodstream. After receiving my ACDC THC + CBD distillate tank all I had to do was remove it from its packaging, screw it onto a separately sold vape battery, and then hold down a button to inhale heated vapors. These vapors are virtually odorless, so they can be discretely vaped almost anywhere, and they also have a nice pleasant mild herbal flavour from the ACDC terpenes. The tranquil and relaxing effects of the CBD are immediately present after just one or two puffs of vapor, and so are some body-numbing and stoney feelings provided by the extremely concentrated THC. The feelings from the CBD oil were undeniably pleasant, however the simultaneous dose of THC was much too overwhelming for my personal taste and did not make me feel very sharp or functional. I came to realize that I do have some sensitivity to extremely high doses of THC and it manifests in the form of headaches, belly aches, and a loss of focus. When it comes to dosing cannabis, I personally find that less is usually more, and small doses can often be more therapeutic than large doses. Essentially, what I figured would be a lesson in vaping isolate turned into an even bigger lesson about research and experience with dosing cannabinoids.

Although Farmacy’s ACDC distillate and terpene tank did not provide substantial benefits towards my personal needs and lifestyle, I still cannot help but be impressed by the product. The discretion and convenience of this vaping method keep me from ever regretting the purchase, and I still keep my ACDC tank on hand, in case I ever need to top up on an existing high with a little vapor. Finally, my experience with the Farmacy tank has been invaluable in helping me determine which dosages and concentrations of CBD (and companion cannabinoids) are the most optimal for my condition. Accordingly, my purchase of this CBD vape tank ignited a passion for uncovering more of the wonders of cannabidiol, all without even sparking a flame.



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