Based off of my current state of mind, I have decided to eschew coyness and get straight to the facts. The time has come for me to receive my monthly womanly gift and/or burden, and that means that I will be requiring some extra medicating for some mild cramping, and for general unpleasantness related to feelings of fatigue and “grossness.” Strawberry Cough has been my go-to wake and bake for a daytime boost of energy and mild pain relief, although, something more impactful is definitely necessary for a late night mellow out and a more prominent sense of remission from my aches and agony. I was lucky enough to have a good bud who was able to supply me a sample of something that promised to be able to crush both physical and mental symptoms of severe malaise. Platinum GSC is the progression of the ubiquitous Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain and is somehow even more superior than its extremely popular predecessor.

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First off, Platinum GSC produces beautiful little nuggets, dark green bits mixed in with a light pastel green and visibly coated in white trichomes. Ground up, it looks deliciously creamy and the beautiful sights are accompanied by the aroma sweet candy with hints of berry. I had rolled up a pretty small joint to savour after I had finished work, knowing that I would already be tired and only requiring a light dosage to wind down and get me ready for bed. I was expecting a pretty easy smoke based off of the delicate aromas I had detected, but the exhale was mildly berry-like and severely spicy; not smooth at all going down and guaranteed to have you coughing at least a little. Platinum GSC is one of those girls that looks presentable in the streets, but behind closed doors isn’t afraid to put her fingers across your throat and give you a strong choking. She starts out unsuspecting in a bunch of ways; halfway through my pinner joint I was concerned I had not rolled enough, because I felt almost nothing after the first few hits, except for a stinging throat. I did not have a glass of water handy, so I kept chugging along, taking small tokes, when all of a sudden, the effects started coming on, and I knew I was done before even finishing the joint. She hits you right away in the chest and in the head, your face and body is basically numb, but mentally you feel euphoric, uplifted, talkative, giggly, and anxiety and stress-free. This strain is a hybrid in the truest sense that I have ever experienced; strong relaxing indica effects are present right away and you feel like you don’t give a care in the world about anything, but equally balanced by substantial cerebral sativa feelings that keep you present and socially functional.

The uplifting portion of the high is extremely enjoyable. I’m recalling my second time imbibing on this strain and walking home by myself smiling at all of the funny and philosophical thoughts that kept coming into my head. I am not an entertainer in any sense, but it made me feel like I wanted to get on top of a soap box and start telling a bunch of really funny jokes to my friends. I’m now unsuccessfully trying to remember all of the insightful thoughts that I had while high, and I wish I had written some of them down, because nothing is coming back to me right now. With higher dosages of this strain, I was basically so far away on a different planet, so that now, I am blanking on a bunch of things that I assured myself I would still remember the next day. I’m currently sober and super frustrated over it, so, in other words, keep a pen and paper handy, or remember to pull out your phone if you plan on using this strain for creative or insightful boosts, because you might lose track of memories later on. The energetic and upbeat portion of the high will last you probably a solid hour and a half before you start coming down and the full indica takes over you. I got home after a few errands and sat down on my bed for a minute, then woke up four hours later still wearing my contact lenses and makeup. After peeling my lenses off my burning eyeballs and washing my face I was able to sleep another solid, uninterrupted, basically dreamless 8 hours. And here I am now, waking up from my Platinum GSC sleep, feeling super well rested, still feeling some relaxation in my body, but also craving another high.

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Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is probably one of the best medicinal hybrid strains that exists, to date, in the world of weed. But, be warned, this strain has THC levels that can reach up to 28%, so it is heavy medication that I would not recommend to beginner users. It starts off as a great social high, but following the initial effects, I would be prepared to get somewhere comfortable, because you will feel like melting into the ground eventually. I personally love to pull this one out during the most uncomfortable moments of my menstrual cycle because it absolutely can make you feel as if you’ve stepped outside of your former body, and it also destroys any fixations related to negative emotions. Overall, this strain is basically a one stop shop for so many ailments; long-lasting, potent medicine for the head and for the body that will leave you feeling first-class and wanting more.


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